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Hyphessobrycon takasei - Coffee Bean TetraMagyarul / Hungarian
Hyphessobrycon takasei - Coffee Bean TetraHyphessobrycon takasei - Coffee Bean TetraHyphessobrycon takasei - Coffee Bean TetraHyphessobrycon takasei - Coffee Bean Tetra
  • Scientific name: Hyphessobrycon takasei
  • Synonyms: -
  • Common name: Coffee Bean Tetra
  • Group: Characins
  • Habitat: South America; French Guiana and Brazil; in the Rio Araguari and Rio Oyapock River basins.
  • Size: 3-4 cm
  • Biotope: Inhabits the slow-flowing rivers and floodplain lakes.
  • Social behavior: A very peaceful, schooling fish, that can be kept in a community aquarium with similar sized other peaceful fish. Always keep them in a small group of at least 6 species.
  • Diet: Omnivorous; in the aquarium they will readily accept all kinds of live and frozen foods or good quality dried foods.
  • Breeding: Quite easy
  • Tank: Minimum 50 litres
  • Population: 8-10 fishes for 60 litres
  • Decoration: They require an aquarium with open swimming space and some tall plants at the sides where they can hide. They don't like very strong currents or very bright lights. They also appreciate some roots or driftwood branches that create shady areas, and color the water as in their natural hibitat.
  • Temperature: 22-27 °C
  • pH: 5.5-7.4
  • Hardness: 2-14 NK°
  • Lifespan: 3-4 years

Description: The body of the Coffee Bean Tetra is pale, however it can vary from a pale orange to almost white with a hint of blue iridescence under the right light. There is a large black oval mark on the flanks behind the gill plate that shaped like a coffee bean giving the fish it's common name. The dorsal fin also has a dark spot with yellow coloration under it. The anal fin is pale orange and the pelvic fins are yellow, while the caudal fin is also a pale yellow. There is a dark vertical stipe that running through their eyes.

It is quite easy to tell the sexes apart, the males are a little smaller and slender than the more rounded females. The Coffee Bean Tetra is an egg-scattering free spawner, exhibiting no parental care. Adult fish in good condition may spawn in a community tank, and even small numbers of fry may start to appear, but a separate tank is needed if you want to raise decent numbers of fry. The breeding tank should have dim lighting, and cover the base with some kind of mesh that can protect the eggs from the adults, or cover the substrate with a few clumps of fine-leaved aquatic plants (such as Java moss). The water should be soft, slightly acidic or neutral with a temperature of 26-28 °C. Hyphessobrycon takasei can be bred in a small group or in pairs, but after spawning the aduls fish sould be removed from the tank because they may eat the eggs. The number of the eggs can be a few hundred. The small fry can be fed with liquid foods or tiny live foods.

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