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Freshwater invertebratesMagyarul / Hungarian

Freshwater invertebrates are quite easy to care for and can be interesting, and colorful addons to a freshwater aquarium. They can tolerate a diverse range of aquarium temperatures, and are available in all sorts of unique shapes and sizes. Although freshwater invertebrates play a significant ecological role in their natural habitat, they are not popular with aquarists, and this is a great shame. They are represented by two main groups: the mollusks and the crustaceans.

Some of them are suited for small aquariums, others have beautiful colors so they can make your freshwater aquarium as vibrant as any marine aquarium. Having a tropical freshwater aquarium does not mean that you can only keep only fish. Consider freshwater invertebrates as an unusual addition to your home aquarium.
When many people think of invertebrates and aquariums, they think of just snails. But there are many invertebrate species for your freshwater aquarium including freshwater lobsters, freshwater shrimp, ornamental snails, and freshwater clams. Many freshwater invertebrates are also very functional, feeding on detritus (organic waste) and algae on the sides of your aquarium or scavenging the bottom for uneaten food and organic debris. That is why they are sometimes called a "cleanup crew," helping keep your aquarium clean, clear, and healthy.