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Corydoras trilineatus - Leopard catfish, Three line coryMagyarul / Hungarian
Corydoras trilineatus - Leopard catfish, Three line coryCorydoras trilineatus - Leopard catfish, Three line coryCorydoras trilineatus - Leopard catfish, Three line cory
  • Scientific name: Corydoras trilineatus
  • Common name: Leopard catfish, Three line cory
  • Group: Catfishes
  • Habitat: South America; Peru.
  • Size: 6 cm
  • Biotope: Along banks of slow-moving rivers with soft bottom material.
  • Social behavior: A peaceful, undemanding fish, ideal for community tanks and beginning aquariasts.
  • Diet: Live, aquatic insects, white worms, Tubifex , Brine Shrimp, insect larvae, tablets, flake
  • Breeding: Quite easy
  • Tank: Minimum 80 litres
  • Population: 6-8 fishes for 90 litres
  • Decoration: These catfish like a well-planted tank with many hiding places (wood, roots, rocks). Use fine gravel or sand as a substrate, for these fish burrow.
  • Temperature:22-26°C
  • pH: 6-7,2.
  • Hardness: 2,2-14NK°
  • Lifespan: 8-15 years

Description: The body is stocky and deep, with an arched back. Two rows of bony plates make up each side of the fish. The upper has 21-23 plates, while the lower 19-21. Two pairs are located on the upper jaw. The body color is tan or gray while the belly is white. The body is dotted with dark spots that are brown or black in color. The fins are the tan to bronze in color, also covered with spots. The upper part of the dorsal fin is black. There are dozens of similar Corydoras species that are often confused and sold as this fish.

The females are larger and plumper behind their pectoral fins, and less colorful. Easier to sex when viewed from above.

Make frequent partial water changes and feed the fish live foods to get them in spawning condition. Spawning is initiated by the addition of cooler water. A single pair or sometimes a group will spawn together. The rest of the breeding procedure is similar to other Corydoras species.

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