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Aponogeton crispus - Wavy-edged swordplantMagyarul / Hungarian
Aponogeton crispus - Wavy-edged swordplantAponogeton crispus - Wavy-edged swordplant
  • Scientific name: Aponogeton crispus
  • Synonym: Spathium undulatum; Ouvirandra undulata
  • Common name: Wavy-edged swordplant , Crinkled or ruffled aponogeton
  • Family: Aponogetonaceae
  • Group: Aquarium plants
  • Max height: 40 cm (sometimes more)
  • Distribution: Asia; Southern India, Sri Lanka
  • Habitat: The species normally inhabits temporary pools or small lakes which can dry out completely during seasons with little rain.
  • Substrate: Rich with nutrients
  • Placement in aquarium: Middleground
  • Planting density: 3-4 plants for 50 cm2
  • Lighting needs: Bright
  • Temperature: 23-28°C
  • pH: 6,5-7,5
  • Hardness: 2,8-8,4 NK°

Description: This popular, attractive and adaptable plant is readily available in the aquarium trade. Once settled into an aquarium and given all the right growing conditions, it will grow quickly, producing numerous olive green-brown ruffled leaves. These are normally up to 4 cm wide and 20-35 cm long. In weak light, the leaves are produced on longer stems that may spread across the water surface in search of more illumination. Aponogeton crispus may flower in the aquarium.

Aponogeton crispus is a fast-growing tuberous plallnt which is regularly exported in large quantities from Asia. The species loves soft, slightly acid water with temperatures ranging between 25-32 °C, but can also be kept in medium-hard to hard water with simultaneous CO2 fertilization in place. In a nutrient-rich substrate it will quickly reach a height of 30-50 cm so spacious aquariums are recommended. To ensure maintenance specific to the species, the tubers have to be stored outside the aquarium at room temperature in a rather drier than moist environment because they would otherwise exhaust relatively quickly.

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