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Echinodorus grisebachiiMagyarul / Hungarian
Echinodorus grisebachii - Echinodorus grisebachii - Echinodorus grisebachii -
  • Scientific name: Echinodorus grisebachii
  • Synonim: Echinodorus intermedius; E. amazonicus; E. bleheri
  • Common name: -
  • Family: Alismataceae
  • Group: Aquarium plants
  • Max height: 50 cm
  • Distribution: South and Central America; Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba
  • Habitat: Slow-moving waters
  • Substrate: Nutrient-rich
  • Placement in aquarium: Background to middleground
  • Planting density: 1 plant for 30 cm2
  • Lighting needs: Moderate
  • Temperature: 22-28°C
  • pH: 6-7,3
  • Hardness: 3-11,2 NK°
Description: This species, often confused in the aquarium literature with other species of the genus, has so far only occasionally been collected and cultivated. It is currently not being commercially distributed. Echinodorus grisebachii does not have any special requirements with regard to maintenance in the aquarium. It is, however, more light-demanding than the closely related species Echinodorus amazonicus, Echinodorus bleheri and Echinodorus parviflorus. In a bright location, as well as in a nutrient-rich substrate, strong plants will develop up to a height of 60 cm. Inflorescences have so far not been observed on magnificently growing specimens of Echinodorus grisebachii, which have been kept in aquariums for many years. In contrast, inflorescences with adventitious plants will very frequently develop on Echinodorus amazonicus, E. bleheri and E. parviflorus in submersed cultivation.
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