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Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansaeMagyarul / Hungarian
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae - Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae - Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae -
  • Scientific name: Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae
  • Synonim: Cryptocoryne balansae; C. longispatha; C. kwangsiensis
  • Common name: -
  • Family: Araceae
  • Group: Aquarium plants
  • Max height: 60-70 cm
  • Distribution: Asia; Eastern India, Thailand, Laos, southern Vietnam and southern China.
  • Habitat: Swamps
  • Substrate: Plain washed gravel
  • Placement in aquarium: Middleground, background, tanks need to be at least 45 cm deep.
  • Planting density: 1-2 plants for 15 cm2
  • Lighting needs: Weak to moderate
  • Temperature: 20-28°C
  • pH: 6,5-7,5
  • Hardness: 3-12 NK°

Description: This plant is similar to cryptocoryne affinis but its leaves are much longer, elongated, and highly indented. In the aquarium the leaves are bright green and covered with indentations. They are carried on very short petioles only 4-5 cm long. Imported plants are often reddish to brown. Once estabilished, the plant produces numerous runners.

The different varieties of Cryptocoryne crispatula - depending on their native living environment - obviously are differently suited to aquarium keeping. The best variety for use in submersed cultivation is var. balansae, which has also been regularly commercially available for many years. It is kept in different forms. These will prosper well in medium-hard and hard water with alkaline pH-values and will manage with a weak to medium light intensity.

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