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Crinum calamistratum - African onion plantMagyarul / Hungarian
Crinum calamistratum - African onion plantCrinum calamistratum - African onion plant
  • Scientific name: Crinum calamistratum
  • Synonym: Crinum natans forma crispu
  • Common name: African onion plant, Cameroon crinum
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Group: Aquarium plants
  • Max height: 80 cm (sometimes 1,2 m)
  • Distribution: West Africa, Cameroon
  • Habitat: Fast-moving waters
  • Substrate: Fine gravel, rich in nutrients
  • Placement in aquarium: Background
  • Planting density: 3-5 plants for 20 cm2
  • Lighting needs: Moderate to bright
  • Temperature: 12-26°C
  • pH: 6-7
  • Hardness: 2-5,6 NK°

Description: This dominant, long-leaved plant can also be found in a narrow-leaved form, which is a very attractive plant in any display. The wider-leaved form needs bright lighting and adequate nutrients, but the narrow-leaved one is less demanding. Both forms will reach up to 39 in (1 m) in length and trail along the water surface. Some herbivorous fish will not eat this plant. Provide medium-soft water and a good substrate.

Crinum calamistratum with its strongly crisped leaves is a specifically conspicuous bulbous plant which is occasionally imported. Cultivation requirements are not very high: soft to medium-hard water with a pH-value around 7 is recommended. The substrate should measure a height of at least 8 cm and should be rich in nutrients (e.g., loam additive). Strong water movement seems to enhance growth. Crinum calamistratum grows distinctly slower than C. natans and C. thaianum, so that several months will pass before a vigorous specimen has developed. The plant reacts negatively to relocation and is suitable only for aquariums with a minimum height of 50 cm. Vegetative propagation through bulbils is possible only in strong specimens. Sexual propagation is unreported.