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Cabomba furcata - Red cabombaMagyarul / Hungarian
Cabomba furcata - Red cabombaCabomba furcata - Red cabomba
  • Scientific name: Cabomba furcata
  • Synonym: Cabomba piauhyensis
  • Common name: Red cabomba
  • Family: Cabomboidae
  • Group: Aquarium plants
  • Max height: 80 cm
  • Distribution: In the warmer regions of South America, occasionally in Central America.
  • Habitat: Exists both in stagnant, temporary waters and in quiet places in rivers with slow-flowing water. In the tropical regions of South America, this typical soft water plant can be found very often.
  • Substrate: Rich in nutrients
  • Placement in aquarium: Background in groups
  • Planting density: 5-6 plants for 20 cm2
  • Lighting needs: Very bright
  • Temperature: 22-30°C
  • pH: 6,2-6,8
  • Hardness: 2-6 NK°

Description: The red cabomba is a demanding subject, but if given the correct conditions and care, the result is a stunning aquarium plant, that creates a strong impact in any planted aquarium. As with other fine-leaved plants, clear, well-filtered water is essential. To keep this plant at its best, it must have a good, preferably iron-rich substrate, strong lighting, regular fertilization, additional CO2 , and ideally a low pH (6-7).

Of all the Cabomba species, Cabomba furcata is the most difficult to maintain. Due to the deep brown-red coloration, the aquarist is repeatedly misled into trying this conspicuously decorative species. In the aquarium, in the long run, the shoots will only last in conditions of very soft, salt-deficient water with a pH-value in the neutral to highly acid range. Also important is intensive lighting and totally clear water. The substrate should be rich in nutrients. The optimum temperature range hovers between 24 and 30 °C. The shoots will decompose within a short time under bad growth conditions. In healthy plants propagation is very easy through lateral shoots. Several cuttings, arranged in terraced form, appear specifically decorative.