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Phallichthys amates - Merry WidowMagyarul / Hungarian
Phallichthys amates - Merry WidowPhallichthys amates - Merry WidowPhallichthys amates - Merry WidowPhallichthys amates - Merry Widow
  • Scientific name: Phallichthys amates
  • Synonyms: Phallichthys amates amates, Phallichthys amates pittieri, Phallichthys pittieri, Poecilia amates, Poecilia pittieri, Poeciliopsis isthmensis
  • Common name: Merry Widow
  • Group: Livebearers
  • Habitat: Central America; Guatemala, Panama, Honduras
  • Size: male: 5 cm, female: 6 cm
  • Biotope: Inhabits in stagnant or slow-flowing rivers.
  • Social behavior: Peaceful fish, can be combined with other small fish in a community tank.
  • Diet: Omnivorous; will accept most foods, but they also need some vegetable matter, such as algae.
  • Breeding: Easy
  • Tank: Minimum 40 litres
  • Population: 1 male and 3-4 females for 40 litres
  • Decoration: Needs a tank with dense vegetation and open areas for swimming.
  • Temperature: 22-28 °C
  • pH: 6,5-7,5
  • Hardness: 10-25 NK°
  • Lifespan: 3-5 years

Description: Merry Widow has a grey body color with a blue sheen. Both sexes are marked with 6-8 dark vertical bars on their body. Males have a dorsal fin with a thin black line edging. Females also have this line on the dorsal fin, but it is slightly lighter. Both sexes have a short black line that passes via the eye, and the gill covers reflect an iridescent blue-green. Males have a gonopodium, and a smaller more slender body than females. This gonopodium is very long and can reach to the base of the tail. There is one sub-species, Phallichthys amates pittieri, the Orange-Dorsal Livebearer, which has a longer body, orange coloration in fins, but lacks the black submarginal band in the dorsal fin. Breeding is easy and similar to breeding guppies or mollies. Usually 10 to 80 fry are produced every 4-5 weeks by the female. Separate parents or use a spawning box. The male is sexually mature in 6 months, the female in one year.

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