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Belonesox belizanus - Pike livebearer, Pike top minnowMagyarul / Hungarian
Belonesox belizanus - Pike livebearerBelonesox belizanus - Pike livebearerBelonesox belizanus - Pike livebearerBelonesox belizanus - Pike livebearerBelonesox belizanus - Pike livebearer
  • Scientific name: Belonesox belizanus
  • Common name: Pike livebearer, Pike top minnow
  • Group: Livebearers
  • Habitat: Central America; Mexico, Nicaragua
  • Size: Males:12 cm, females:20 cm
  • Biotope: Central America; inhabits still marshes and lakes from Honduras to Southern Mexico
  • Social behavior: A predatory species that will feed on smaller fish.Keep in a species tank or combine with other large species. Older fish become more aggressive with age. A shy fish that at first hides amongplants.
  • Diet: Live, fish, earthworms, insects, insect larvae, crustaceans, beef heart, occasionally pellets.
  • Breeding: Quite easy
  • Tank: Minimum 200 litres
  • Population: 4-5 fish for 200 litres
  • Decoration: Thick vegetation.
  • Temperature: 25-30 °C
  • pH: 7-8,2
  • Hardness: 10-25 NK°
  • Lifespan: 5 years

Description: An elongated species with a flat-back profile.The lower jaw is longer than the upper,and turned up towards the water surface. The eye is large and the dorsal fin is located far back on the body.Theback is light brown to olive and the flanks are darker with a greenish iridescence.On the flanks are a series of smallblack spots that often form a broken line.The belly is yellowish white.At the base of the caudal fin is a darkspot.The fins are otherwise colorless.

Spawning is easiest with the addition of salt. As many as 120 live young are born.Thesemeasure from 0.5" to 1" (1.3-2.5 cm) in length, depending on the size and condition of the female.Thefemale will not each the young, although they should be removed to a rearing tank of their own.The young grow quickly when fed on adiet of Cyclops and Artemia , and frequent partial water changes are administered.The young can later be fed small guppies.The young must be frequently sorted for size so cabalism does not occur.