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Procatopus aberrans - Bluegreen lampeyeMagyarul / Hungarian
Procatopus aberrans - Bluegreen lampeyeProcatopus aberrans - Bluegreen lampeyeProcatopus aberrans - Bluegreen lampeye
  • Scientific name: Procatopus aberrans
  • Common name: Bluegreen lampeye
  • Group: Killifish
  • Habitat: Africa; Cameroon, Nigeria
  • Size: male:6-8 cm, female:10-12 cm
  • Biotope: Found in rainforest streams near savannah areas.
  • Social behavior: Peaceful schooling fish that you can keep in a community aquarium with a small, quiet population.
  • Diet: Live food, Artemia, Flakes
  • Breeding: Easy
  • Tank: Minimum 120 litres
  • Population: 10 fish for 120 litres
  • Decoration: The aquarium should be planted densely on the sides and background. In the middle you should leave a lot of free swimming space.  A dark substrate and a dimmed light bring out the colours of the fish.
  • Temperature: 24-26 °C
  • pH: 6,5-7,2
  • Hardness: 4,5-11,2NK°
  • Lifespan: 1-2 years
Description: Breeding is rather easy. The eggs are laid and fertilized in crevices. For spawning material you can use filter foam. After a week the spawning material can be brought to a separate aquarium. After 2 weeks the eggs hatch. When the young fishes are swimming free you can raise them with vinegar eels and baby brine shrimp.