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Hyphessobrycon roseus - Yellow Phantom TetraMagyarul / Hungarian
Hyphessobrycon roseus - Yellow Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon roseus - Yellow Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon roseus - Yellow Phantom TetraHyphessobrycon roseus - Yellow Phantom Tetra
  • Scientific name: Hyphessobrycon roseus
  • Synonyms: Megalamphodus roseus (Géry, 1960)
  • Common name: Yellow Phantom Tetra
  • Group: Characins
  • Habitat: South America; from the Courantyne River in Suriname to the Oyapock River at the border between French Guiana and Brazil. Also found in the Maroni and Sinnamary rivers in Suriname.
  • Size: 2-3 cm
  • Biotope: Usually inhabits the slow-flowing waters in forested areas, with sandy substrate that covered with fallen branches and leaf litter. These waters are very soft and acidic, and brownish in color due the decomposing organic matter.
  • Social behavior: A very peaceful, schooling fish, that can be kept in a community aquarium with similar sized other peaceful fish. Always keep them in a small group of 8-10 species.
  • Diet: Omnivorous; in the nature they feed on invertebrates, filamentous algae and fallen fruits, while in the aquarium they will readily accept all kinds of live and frozen foods or good quality dried foods.
  • Breeding: Quite hard
  • Tank: Minimum 50 litres
  • Population: 8 fish for 60 litres
  • Decoration: It can be kept in a biotope aquarium with sandy substrate, some driftwood and a few handfuls of dried leaves, but it can also be kept in a densely planted tank with dark substrate.
  • Temperature: 20-28 °C
  • pH: 5-7
  • Hardness: 1-10 NK°
  • Lifespan: 3-4 years

Description: Hyphessobrycon roseus has a yellowish-rose colored body, the fins are red with no black markings. There is a prominent ovoid black spot behind the gill cover, measuring around half of the body depth. The dorsal and anal fins have white edgings.

It is quite easy to tell the sexes apart, the males are a little smaller and slender than females. The Yellow Phantom Tetra is an egg-scattering free spawner, exhibiting no parental care. Adult fish in good condition may spawn in a community tank, and even small numbers of fry may start to appear, but a separate tank is needed if you want to raise decent numbers of fry. The breeding tank should have dim lighting, and cover the base with some kind of mesh that can protect the eggs from the adults, or cover the substrate with a few clumps of fine-leaved aquatic plants (such as Java moss). The water should be soft, slightly acidic or neutral with a temperature of 26-28 °C, and the water should be 15-20 cm deep. Hyphessobrycon roseus can be bred in a small group or in pairs, but after spawning the aduls fish sould be removed from the tank because they may eat the eggs. The number of the eggs can vary betwwn 50 and 150. The eggs hatch in 24 hours and the larvae become free-swimming after another 4-5 days. The small fry can be fed with liquid foods or tiny live foods. The fry begin to color when they reach 1 cm in length.

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