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Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum - Barred Shovelnose, Barred sorubimMagyarul / Hungarian
Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum - Barred Shovelnose, Barred sorubimPseudoplatystoma fasciatum - Barred Shovelnose, Barred sorubimPseudoplatystoma fasciatum - Barred Shovelnose, Barred sorubimPseudoplatystoma fasciatum - Barred Shovelnose, Barred sorubim
  • Scientific name: Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum
  • Synonyms: Silurus fasciatus, Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum fasciatum, Platystoma artedii, Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum intermedium, Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum nigricans, Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum brevifile
  • Common name: Barred Shovelnose, Barred sorubim
  • Group: Catfishes
  • Habitat: South America; Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina.
  • Size: 104 cm
  • Biotope: Inhabits in a vatiety of biotopes, from large rivers and lakes to flooded forest areas.
  • Social behavior: Quite peaceful, despite its size, but will eat any smaller fish, that can fit in its mouth. A nocturnal catfish, that is territorial with conspecifics and other large, similar catfish, so only one fish should be kept in a tank.
  • Diet: Carnivorous; It feeds usually fish in nature, and can be fed with meaty foods in aquarium, such as prawns, mussels and earthworms. Larger specimens can be offered whole fish fillets, and adults need only a single meal per week.
  • Breeding: It is not possible in aquarium
  • Tank: Minimum 10000 litres
  • Population: 1 fish for 10000 litres
  • Decoration: The fish needs huge swimming-place. Decorate the tank with large driftwoods or twisted roots to provide hiding places. These roots must be secured to the tank in some way, to prevent the fish to move them around. A large and efficient biological filter is recommended.
  • Temperature: 22-26 °C
  • pH: 6-7.6
  • Hardness: 2-30 NK°
  • Lifespan: 20 years

Description: Barred Shovelnose catfish should NOT be considered as an aquarium fish at all, because of its eventual size. Mature fish can reach up to 70kg in weight! A popular food fish in South America that can be found widely in fish markets. Adult fish needs a huge swimming-area. Juveniles are often sold without adequate information regarding their long term care. They will quickly grow too big for a home aquarium. It’s also worth noting that Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum can live up to 20 years, making it a considerable long term commitment. Some aquarists may think that they can give away these fish to public aquariums, but these aquariums usually do not have enough space and unlikely to take a big fish like this. Please don’t buy this fish unless you have the resources to house it! For those who can afford to keep, it is certainly a magnificent catfish. Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum is very similar to Pseudoplatystoma tigrinum, but the latter exhibits a more irregular overall pattern. Unfortunately hybrids produced by crossing this species with Red-tailed Catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus) in Far Eastern countries for food source. Some of these hybrids have found the way into the aquatic hobby.

Barred Shovelnose has an elongated body and a long snout. Its mouth is large and looks like a duck-bill, with 3 pair of long barbels extend from it. Its body coloration depends on the individuals provenance and age, but usually ranges between silver and brown with black spots and stripes. The belly area is white, and the caudal fin is usually covered with black spots. The eyes are relatively small.

Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum is impossible to sex by external characteristics. Females become sexually mature at 56 centimetres, while males at 45 centimetres. Reproduction in aquarium is unsuccessful, as they migrate over long distances to spawn in nature, that can’t be replicated in a home aquarium.

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