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Corydoras duplicareus - Saddle CorydorasMagyarul / Hungarian
Corydoras duplicareus - Saddle CorydorasCorydoras duplicareus - Saddle CorydorasCorydoras duplicareus - Saddle Corydoras
  • Scientific name: Corydoras duplicareus
  • Common name: Saddle Corydoras, False adolfoi cory
  • Group: Catfishes
  • Habitat: South America; Brazil, Columbia
  • Size: 5 cm
  • Biotope: Shallow, slow-moving waters in upper Rio Negro.
  • Social behavior: Very peaceful community fish, should be kept in a school. You can keep them together with small characins and dwarf cichlids.
  • Diet: Omnivorous, give them sinking wafers, frozen blood worms, Brine Shrimp and live black worms
  • Breeding: Quite easy
  • Tank: Minimum 70 litres
  • Population: 6 fish for 85 litres
  • Decoration: Use fine gravel or sand for substrate. The aquarium should be planted well on the sides and background. A regular changing of the water is necessary.
  • Temperature: 22-26°C
  • pH: 6-7
  • Hardness: 1-15NK°
  • Lifespan: 5-10 years

Description: A chunky fish in typical Cory shape. The bottom half of the body is pale cream in colour, with the top half of the body is black. On the top of the head before the dorsal fin is a strong yellow colour while the top of the head is also black in colour running down past the eye.
Breeding is not difficult.  When the water quality is right (temperature of 24°C and a pH of 7.0) and the animals are well fed they spawn after a large changing of the water. It's always better to have a higher ratio of males to females when breeding corys and 2 males per female is recommended. Up to 30 to 40 eggs scattered primarily across the water line. The eggs are 1,8mm in size and cream in color. The adults will eat the eggs, so once spawning is complete, either remove the adults and raise the brood in the same tank, or move the eggs and raise the fry elsewhere. After 7 days the eggs hatch and a few days later the young fishes are swimming free. You can raise them with micro-eels and a few days later with baby brine shrimp.

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