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Aquarium articles

    • What are L-number catfishes?
      It is not so dreadfully long ago that lori?cariid catfishes were regarded as the poor relations of the aquarium hobby, and were maintained and tolerated in the community aquarium solely on account of their often bizarre appearance and their useful characteristics.
    • Fish genetics
      Many of the most popular tropical aquarium fish kept today are more brightly colored than their wild relatives. Modern techniques have allowed the development of varieties to be taken to new extremes, with the first genetically modified fish now available.
    • The popularity of fishkeeping
      Although there is some archaeological evidence of fish-keeping dating back to Babylonian and Egyptian times, it is unclear when people started keeping fish for their aesthetic qualities, rather than as a source of food, but the activity certainly dates back well over a thousand years.
    • Micronutrients for aquarium plants
      These nutrients are required only in extremely small quantities and are often described as "trace elements." They play important roles in the biochemical processes that sustain life and are vital for good plant health.
    • Macronutrients for aquarium plants
      These nutrients are used in the greatest quantity by aquarium plants and are vital to many plant functions. Without them, plants would be unable to grow, repair, or maintain healthy tissue.
    • Aquarium floor
      What materials can be used as an aquarium substrate? How to clean the aquarium floor?
    • Living with fish
      The aquarium hobby is popular around the World. Do aquarists remain fish-keepers for long periods? Where to put an aquarium in the room?
    • The right aquarium
      How to choose a good aquarium? What is the best size for us? What are the costs of an aquarium? What are the needs of the fish?
    • A little about water chemistry
      Basics about carbonate system, pH values and the nitrogen cycle. How to raise or reduce water hardness? What is nitrification? What is the pH value?

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