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What are L-number catfishes?

It is not so dreadfully long ago that lori?cariid catfishes were regarded as the poor relations of the aquarium hobby, and were maintained and tolerated in the community aquarium solely on account of their often bizarre appearance and their useful characteristics.


Fish genetics

Many of the most popular tropical aquarium fish kept today are more brightly colored than their wild relatives. Modern techniques have allowed the development of varieties to be taken to new extremes, with the first genetically modified fish now available.


The popularity of fishkeeping

Although there is some archaeological evidence of fish-keeping dating back to Babylonian and Egyptian times, it is unclear when people started keeping fish for their aesthetic qualities, rather than as a source of food, but the activity certainly dates back well over a thousand years.


Micronutrients for aquarium plants

These nutrients are required only in extremely small quantities and are often described as "trace elements." They play important roles in the biochemical processes that sustain life and are vital for good plant health.


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Altum Angels - Part 2.
Panaque rafting

Back from the dead, but still on the brink?


With its striking colour pattern and vaguely lamniform appearance the 'red-tailed black shark', Epalzeorhynchos bicolor (Smith 1931), is an enduringly popular aquarium favourite.


Evolution in action


Competition between large and small versions of the same cichlid in Lake Tanganyika could lead to them becoming two separate species in the future.


More bathers attacked by fish in Argentina


For the second time in less than a month, bathers in the Parana River in Argentina have been attacked by fish.


Tropical freshwater fish
There was a time when the keeping and study of exotic fish was the preserve of serious researchers closeted in their laboratories; today, it is an established and popular hobby. Dealerships and specialized sales areas in large stores are springing up everywhere, paralleling an explosion in the number of public aquariums and books or magazines devoted to the subject. More and more people of all ages are falling under the spell, enjoying permanent access to a part of the natural world that was formerly beyond their reach. There are almost as many kinds of hobbyists as there are types of fish: the semiprofessional, the "small" and the "modest" collector, the specialist. There are the fanatics, who spend every minute of their time and energy on their aquariums, while for others fishkeeping is just a passing fad. Enthusiasts include the young - and the not so young; those with scientific knowledge or mere novices; those actively working and the retired. Such an immensely varied following guarantees that the world of the aquarist is full of interest and color.

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